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Quality support

Proactive and reactive quality assurance from a single source

Our expertise in automotive industry quality standards makes us the best partner to support you in the Quality Management of your company.

We can help you in a wide range of areas with our team of inspectors, technicians and quality engineers.

We like to deliver value-added solutions to our customers, mixing reactive services focused on flexible 24/7 solutions to protect your production lines from defective material with preventive ones, based on engineering support at early phases of the product lifecycle.

Parts Quality
Center (PQC)
Management of working area inside OEM / TIER 1 facilities focused on the management of quality issues caused by supplier´s parts and modules.

  • Team of Project Managers/ Supervisors / Inspectors
  • Inspections and rework actions of different complexity (visual / functional / dimensional)
  • IT access to customer´s ERP Logistics module
  • Inspectors training
  • Layered audits
  • Working area layout. 5S
  • Regular reporting of sorting results to OEM´s and TIER´s
  • Skip lot checks (spot audits / preventive controls)

Control &
Rework / Firewall
Sorting of parts and modules based on quality standard agreed with the customer. It protects OEM´s and TIER´s suppliers from defective material.

  • Instruction sheets
  • Visual / functional / dimensional sorting
  • Inspectors training
  • Layered audits
  • Inspecting area layout. 5S
  • Regular reporting of sorting results
  • Coordination with customer´s Quality and Logistics Department
  • Availability 24/7

High complexity reworks
(light / heavy mechanics)
High complexity mechanic rework projects in parts and modules during launch and serial production phase, carried out by experienced teams of mechanics.

  • Heavy / Light mechanics team
  • Development of high complexity reworks in parts and modules
  • Preparation of work instructions / rework process
  • Early detection of critical tasks , taking actions to minimize  / eliminate risks
  • Tools and equipment
  • Calibration procedure for tools and equipment
  • Working area Layout. 5S
  • Regular reporting of sorting results to OEM´s and TIER´s

We are experts in Quality Management. We can help in a wide range of areas related to the management of your new products launch, process audits, relations with your critical suppliers, and liaison with your customers. Our know-how of automotive industry standards and our flexible team of quality specialist make us your best partner in the quality field.

  • Quality Engineers / Consultants with high experience in the automotive sector
  • Know-how / certification in the quality systems / standard of our customers
  • Supplier development
  • Trouble Shooting
  • 8D report
  • Homologation process (PAPP)
  • Process audits. (VDA 6.3 / QSB / Q1 …)
  • Customer liaison

Quality Assurance
Task Force (QA-TF)
Team of quality engineers and Technicians to support customer quality department in the management of quality issues caused by the suppliers. Maswer task force Quality Assurance team helps to protect customer production lines from wrong parts , managing the quality issue with the suppliers and finding the best solution to fix the issue in short notice, avoiding future recurrence of  the quality claim.

  • Quality assurance team (Project Manager / Quality engineers / Quality technicians)
  • Direct contact with Production line and suppliers base
  • Update quality issues in customer´s supplier tracking database
  • Involvement in quality claim investigation (Suppliers ,  Production  or Design issue)
  • 8D report analysis and validation
  • Follow up of counter-measure to avoid quality claim recurrence
  • Production line preventive audits in high risk parts and suppliers

technical position
We recruit for our customers the best professionals: engineers / technicians from different disciplines, to provide the right solutions to their employment needs.

Our deep knowledge in the employment process is our key to success. We have the best contact network, recruiters and recruitment IT tools in the industry.

  • Automotive industry experienced team of recruiters
  • E-Recruitment IT tool to manage candidates profiles
  • Industry network created during last 20 years
  • Production / Process engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Laboratory / Metrology
  • Design Engineers
  • Lean Manufacturing

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