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Product support

You take care of developing your product, we take care of the rest

We can significantly contribute to your product design with our development services, reaching the expected quality levels and timeframe to be ready at the serial production phase.

Our team can make a decisive contribution to your development department, from virtual service feasibility studies, to the preparation and review of your product for testing, through engineering services for validating project development milestones.

Development of service maintenance feasibility studies in the development phase. At such an early stage it´s possible to identify future problems when running the service maintenance of the vehicle and apply the necessary countermeasures. This avoids high costs for the customer in case of service and for the manufacturer in case of warranty claims.

  • Virtual trainings based on DMU data
  • Physical test in prototype and pre-series vehicles
  • Definition of special tools and validation
  • Development of suggestions for changes in the product design
  • Presentation of main issues and impact in Aftersales costs

Preparation and review
of test vehicles / aggregates
In our own testing workshops we can prepare your test vehicle for the various test procedures.

  • Installation and remodeling new vehicle components
  • Adjustment / modification of components
  • Shoring of measurement technology
  • Recovery
  • Disassembly of components for the preparation of laboratory tests
  • Labelling & archiving components for traceability of the various test phases
  • Warehousing and logistics of prototype parts
  • Procurement of prototype parts from foreign countries incl. Customs handling


  • Planning of necessary prototypes (equipment options)
  • Management and coordination of test vehicles
  • Provide the vehicles at the agreed time and place
  • Vehicle return and transport to the bearing point
  • Repair of vehicle damage during and after the vehicle testing

Test drives

  • Test driving on public roads
  • Test driving in closed off areas / roads
  • Documentation and evaluation of the tests and results according to specified criteria respecting customer requirement
  • Recording and documentation of the journeys using GPS

Tool design
& Production
Design , development , protoyping and manufacturing of tools and special equipment.

  • Tool and special equipment design
  • Prototypes
  • CAD / CAM. Solidworks
  • Production

We collaborate with OEM and TIER 1 companies  with design engineering support, integrating our engineers into the R&D Department of our customers, for short and long-term projects.

  • Pre-study , viability study, draft project
  • Design, definition and components concept using CAD 3D
  • Structural viability using finite element simulation CAE
  • Tolerances study
  • Development of parts / parts sets drawings
  • Definition of materials

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